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Features that help you prioritize what to do next, create clear roadmaps and collaborate on product strategy.


Prioritization platform built to help you make the right product decisions.

Customizable and powerful prioritization framework
Prioritize objectively by using strategic criteria. With our highly customizable scoring board, you can prioritize opportunities based on a defined set of value and cost criteria. Not all factors and criteria hold the same weight. Use equal or custom weightings to determine what is important. Advanced users can customize formulas for more accurate scorings.
Prioritization chart
Collaborative scoring on Priority Poker
Powerful Prioritization
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Create lean and effective roadmaps that communicate your product strategy.

Kanban roadmap
The Kanban board allows you to plan and share what you're working on now, next and later to keep everyone aligned. Move items between the Kanban swimlanes quickly with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
Timeline roadmap
Share your roadmaps
Effective Roadmapping
Communicate strategy on your roadmap
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Build better products faster with strong team collaboration.

Multiple users and contributors
Collaborate with multiple people to reach your goals. Involve team members to submit insights and contribute to prioritization decisions.
Unlimited viewers
Flexible and advanced sharing
Seamless Collaborations
Teamwork made easy with airfocus
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Maintain existing workflows and monitor progress all in one place.

Two-way integration with Jira, Trello, Asana and more
Make airfocus your home for all things prioritization and roadmapping while developers can continue to use their favourite software development tools. Push priority scores, features and initiatives straight into the development tool as epics or stories to build context around business values and priorities. Track the status of items you've pushed into the development tool right from airfocus.
Easy Integrations
Use your favourite tools
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Save time with our fully adjustable templates built on proven decision-making methods.

Plan and communicate high-level product strategy. Our product template enables you to visualize the short and long term direction of your product as well as initiatives to achieve your vision.

We care about your success.

24/7 e-mail and chat support
Our customer success team can provide you with all the technical guidance and industry expertise you need.

Extensive experience serving organizations with complex security requirements.

Best-in-class data center and ISO 27001 certification
airfocus’ physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within DigitalOcean’s secure data centers. DigitalOcean is certified in the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
Secure password storage
All user passwords are hashed with a PBKDF2-based robust hashing algorithm and individual salts per password.
Secure transmission
We take our customers' security very seriously. All communication between airfocus servers and the client browser is secured using the industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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