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Prioritize your startup projects and iniatives so you can build a roadmap that actually works. This template is perfect for founders setting up a short to mid-term plan for their company.

What is a startup roadmap and prioritization template?

A startup roadmap visualizes the ambitious launch and growth plans of a young company. Starting a company is often a chaotic process that includes a lot of experimentation. A startup roadmaps brings clarity to this mess and keeps everyone aligned as to what the most important things are and gives the company direction.When prioritizing what features and project should make it into your roadmap, focus on real customer value and growth opportunities that are manageable within your budget.

Also check out our product launch roadmap that focuses on time-sensitive tasks that you need to get done to ensure a smooth product launch. We wish you all the luck in the world and lots of success, of course!



Founders, startup teams, investors, external stakeholders

Value (Y) criteria

Customer value, growth

Cost (X) criteria

Project hours, costs

Bubble (R) criteria

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