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Product and technology templates

Product roadmap and prioritization template
A product roadmap enables you to plan and communicate your high-level product strategy. It is a single source of truth that visualizes short- and long term direction of your product as well as initiatives to achieve your vision.
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Technology roadmap and prioritization template
A technology roadmap is a powerful way to build clarity and communicate high-level technology initiatives of an organization. Use the airfocus Technology Roadmap and Prioritization Template to line out what technology solutions are available right now, what solutions will be implemented in the future, and which IT-capabilities reach the end of their life cycle.
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RICE scoring roadmap template
Use the powerful RICE Scoring template to prioritize what items should make it to your roadmap. airfocus is now the only solution that also visualizes your RICE priorities on a 2x2 value vs. effort chart.
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Agile sprint roadmap and prioritization template
Agile roadmaps are - as the name implies - a very flexible and agile type of roadmap that focuses on sprints rather than timings. Agile roadmaps are made to work perfectly in markets or environments that are ever-changing.
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Feature roadmap template
A feature roadmap focuses on upcoming features and when they will be released to the public. Feature roadmaps are usually long-term based, which makes them suitable for many audiences within the organization. Executives can find out when work will be completed. The Marketing and sales departments can use it to align their activities according to the new feature release dates. It can also be shared with customers to inform them about how the product will develop over time.
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Software roadmap template
A software roadmap shows a high-level overview of the main steps in developing software. It's often used by product teams or engineering departments to help them visualize their project as a whole and facilitate planning for development and design.
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Product development template
A product development roadmap is a strategic plan that visualizes the future direction of a product. It displays initiatives and features as well as the upcoming milestones that are important for product success. It keeps executives, other departments, and, in some cases, external stakeholders informed about the progress of a product. Marketing and sales departments use it to align their activities with upcoming releases.
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Product portfolio template
A product portfolio template is used to set the strategy and timeline for multiple products in an organization. The product portfolio template provides visualizations on how all the different products are associated with one another under one roadmap. Stakeholders can thereby understand the overall business strategy, direction and key initiatives of the products.
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Agile roadmap template
Agile roadmaps are - as the name implies - a very flexible and agile type of roadmap. These work perfectly in dynamic environments and markets. Agile roadmaps often have a rather short-term time horizon of 2 - 4 months. They are progress-based and avoid due dates and deadlines.
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Product launch template
A product launch roadmap structures and visualizes all time-sensitive tasks that need to get done during a product launch across all departments that are involved. This includes engineering, marketing, PR and sales teams. It is time-based as most activities are interdependent and need to be well-aligned in order to ensure a smooth and successful product launch.
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Program roadmap template
Program roadmaps don't focus on a single product but rather, several products and their development over time. Unlike a product portfolio roadmap, it also focuses on interdependencies to other strategic initiatives such as marketing, sales and the entire organization.
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Release plan template
A release plan is used by product teams to visualize a detailed roadmap for features, improvements and bugs that will be built in the near future. It's time horizon is shorter term compared to most other roadmap types. In most cases it visualizes 6-12 weeks or 2-4 sprints.
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