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RICE scoring roadmap template

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On the item view, you can assign each product feature idea a reach (R), impact (I), cost (C), and effort (E). This means that each idea has a measured number of people it will affect, the impact it will have on them, how much effort it takes to build it, and how confident you are about your estimations.
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What is a Rice Scoring Model and a Rice Scoring Roadmap Template?

The RICE scoring model is commonly used by product managers and product owners to prioritize feature releases and projects. This framework is structured into four key criteria that form the acronym “RICE”. The RICE prioritization framework helps avoid bias towards features and projects you personally prefer.

Reach represents the number of users or paying customers that would be affected by this feature.

Impact reflects the benefit your users are getting from new features. Depending on your use case it can also mean how much it will increase your conversion rate towards buying your product.

Confidence is the matric that accounts for the confidence you have in the estimations you made.

Effort is the amount of work that is required from your team to build a feature or finish a project. Depending on the use case, the value type could be person-months or project-hours.

To use this RICE scoring template simply add your features and projects to the item view. The four key criteria are already defined. Next, rate your projects against the criteria and airfocus will calculate the RICE scores. Make better, more informed decisions by prioritizing ruthlessly.

About this template

Use case: Product management
Audience: Product managers, product owners, executives, technical departments
Value (Y) criteria: Reach, impact, confidence
Cost (X) criteria: Effort
Bubble (R) criteria: Must-have

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