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A library full of videos to help you get started and learn about product management. From using airfocus to roadmap knowledge and prioritization methods, we've got you covered.

Getting started with airfocus

From views to fields, the videos below will offer you an in-depth explanation of how to customize and use airfocus to best fit your team's needs.

Introduction to Insights

Using Views in airfocus

The way you work is unique. With views, you can visualize your items in different ways to customize what you see and how you see them.
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Using Fields in airfocus

Fields will help you organize, group, and filter information on your workspace in different ways to personalize your airfocus workspace to fit your needs.
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From prioritization to roadmapping, our videos below provide you with everything you need to know about building outstanding products.
Learn how the Kano model method works, who created it, and how to use it.
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Strategy and prioritization are ongoing and ever-evolving tasks. In this video, learn how to master prioritization in 4 easy steps.
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In this video, we show you how MoSCoW prioritization works and what each letter means.
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Learn how to collaboratively prioritize with Priority Poker and win buy-ins in real-time, asynchronously, or remotely.
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The RICE scoring model is used by product managers and product owners to prioritize feature releases and projects.
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Story mapping is a method of ordering user stories along different dimensions to show how they fit the overall user experience.
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How does the Value vs. Effort model work? How to assign them and take full advantage of the decision matrix?
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This video shows how the weighted scoring decision matrix works and a step-by-step guide on creating one.
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In this 5-minute video, we will show you a roadmap’s purposes and also what types of roadmaps you can create.
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In this video, Heleana explains the importance of dependencies for cross-functional product teams.
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We will explain how agile retrospective can help you get more clarity with the product's development cycle and release process.
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