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Roundtable Debate Report: How Can Product Teams Stop Being “Feature Factories”?

Roundtable debate report with three renowned and respected product coaches and leaders - C. Todd Lombardo, Tim Herbig, and Quadri Oshibotu. They shared their experiences and insights on the topic: How product teams can stop being feature factories.
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What's covered?

How should a product manager react to new feature ideas?

Our experts shared tips on how you can react to new feature ideas, coming from either internal or external stakeholders. Hint: It’s not always easy to say “no”.

Addressing the issue with the board

As a product manager, how can you convince the board and the wider organization that "outcome over output" is the smarter approach to product management?

How to think about choosing the right platform for your organization

Choosing the right platform for your product team is one of the most important decisions you can make. To be sure you will choose the right one, consult the opinions of our experts on this topic.
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About this report

In April 2022, airfocus hosted a roundtable discussion on "How product teams can stop being feature factories" and invited three product experts - C. Todd Lombardo, Tim Herbig, and Quadri Oshibotu - to share their insights and experiences. They discussed the problems caused by working in a feature factory, how PMs can actively become more outcome-focused, and how to approach the situation with the higher-ups.

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