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Report OKRs Roundtable - How Do You Set Product OKRs?

This is the report based on the roundtable debate about setting up the OKRS held in January 2022. We gathered some of the industry’s most renowned thinkers and writers on product OKRs to consider what it takes to set OKRs properly and use them effectively.
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What's covered?

Benefits of using OKRs to the organization

You will learn how your organization and team can benefit from using this framework but also our participants will share their thoughts when you shouldn´t use it.

Why using OKRs can help you escape the "feature factory" mindset

In this part of this report, we will share with you our thoughts about implementing and using OKRs in product. You will get hints on how you can use this framework to escape the feature treadmill. You will understand that with these OKRs, you do not look at those features and timeframes that much anymore.

Should you use individual team member OKRs?

Many questions in the community are raised about using OKRs for individual members of each team. Participant of our roundtable discussion will share their experiences with this.

...and so, so much more.
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About this report

The use of Objectives and Key Results – usually known as OKRs – has been growing steadily in business for many years now but an adoption curve that has grown much sharper over the last two years. Successful implementation of product OKRs is something that everyone is trying to achieve and you can learn a lot from the report of this roundtable. Effective use of OKRs involves many moving parts, not least of which is a clear understanding of the overall framework.

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