Product First: A New Era of Product Management

Surveying 300 product managers, this report aims to identify the modern challenges faced by product teams and their expected target benefits from dedicated product management technology.

What's covered?

The rising profile of product teams in the modern era

Product teams have become increasingly important as organizations move towards a product-centric model of business. The Covid-19 pandemic further amplifies this movement.

The prominent challenges of product managers

With ever-evolving customer expectations and innovation-based industries with harsh competition, there is great pressure on product managers and product teams.

The need for modular, structured product management

The target benefits that product managers expect from dedicated product management technology to tackle their challenges.

About this report

Along with the increasing importance of product management in the product-centric era come the broadening and deepening challenges faced by product managers. With insights from 300 product managers, this research by airfocus / Onepoll aims to give you an in-depth look at these modern challenges as well as the qualities and features that are expected from product tools to help perform tasks more efficiently.

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