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The Ultimate Guide to Roadmapping

airfocus and Product School have joined force to bring you this free eBook with 60+ pages full of information about roadmapping. Get it now to learn how to create, prioritize, and communicate your roadmaps effectively!
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A co-production between airfocus and Product School

What's covered?

What is a roadmap, its various types and how to create it?

A complete overview of roadmaps: the most important types of roadmaps, how to create a product roadmap and tips on how to communicate them effectively with other stakeholders.

What are the key ingredients of an impactful roadmap?

In this chapter, you will learn the tips and key experiences when making impactful roadmaps. How to craft a successful roadmap without being a feature factory? What mistakes you should avoid? All these answers you will find here.

What tools are available to manage roadmaps?

Do you know what tools you should use to manage roadmaps? Also, you should keep in mind the most important customer feedback mistakes to avoid when you will start collecting the feedback.

...and so much more 🚀
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airfocus is fully committed to making product management easier and more effective. With this eBook, we hope to provide product managers with valuable learnings of what is needed to create, manage, and communicate your roadmaps successfully.
Malte Scholz
CEO & CPO at airfocus
In this book, you’ll learn how to leverage roadmaps to align not only the product team but also the entire organization.
Carlos González De Villaumbrosia
Carlos González de Villaumbrosia
CEO at Product School

About this eBook

Roadmaps are an important working instrument for every product manager. In this eBook, you will learn how to craft them well in the way of supporting the growth of your business. A large part of this eBook is devoted to communication with stakeholders, followed by a chapter about roadmapping and prioritization. We will share with you our tips and proven strategies which you can incorporate into your daily roadmapping routine easily. Each chapter explores important knowledge that every modern product manager should know to excel in their position and start seeing the positive impact on their work immediately.

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A co-production between
airfocus and Product School

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