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Whilst a product roadmap focuses one single product and its development over time, a program roadmap considers a number of products. Other than a product portfolio roadmap, it concentrates on interdependencies to other departments, strategic initiatives and departments of the whole organization. Use the items view to prioritize which products to prioritize.
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What is a Program Roadmap and Prioritization Template?

Program roadmaps don't focus on a single product but consider several products and their development over time. Unlike a product portfolio roadmap it also focuses on interdependencies to other strategic initiatives, other departments like marketing & sales and the whole the whole organizations.

The prioritization framework usually focuses on high level goals like revenue increase, strategic fit, project hours and costs. But payback period and customer value can also be highly relevant.

About this template

Audience: Product people, engineering teams, executives, other departments departments, external stakeholders
Value (Y) criteria: Revenue increase, customer value (payback period, customer value)
Cost (X) criteria: Project hours, costs
Bubble (R) criteria: Risk of failure

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