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Product management software - powerful prioritization and collaborative roadmapping

Share beautiful product roadmaps that are always up-to-date and improve cross-functional collaboration. Build exceptional products with powerful prioritization and clear roadmaps.
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Trusted by key decision-makers at Shopify, Bird, and Coca Cola
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Build better products faster with strong team collaboration.

Make strategic product decisions
Align product decisions with your company’s strategic goals and provide clarity across the rest of the organization.
Create powerful roadmaps in minutes
Customizable roadmap sharing

Collaborative scoring on Priority Poker

Gather fresh ideas and gain new perspectives from your team and stakeholders by engaging them in real-time or asynchronous discussions through Priority Poker. Discover what drives the most significant impact on your plans. Priority Poker facilitates collective prioritizations through voting on items, ensuring that everyone is included in the process.
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Collaborate on strategy and build better products faster

Establish product plans collectively and win the buy-in with your developers, marketers, and other stakeholders.

Generate different roadmap views instantly

With airfocus’ product management software, you can view your product plan in several views. Prioritize your items on the items view, visualize each project's importance on the chart view, and also build Kanban or timeline roadmaps.

Ready-to-use product management templates

Our product management software provides fully customizable prioritization templates built on proven product prioritization frameworks.
Product Roadmap Template
Prioritize your features and build a stunning product roadmap. This roadmap template is perfect for setting out the longer-term plans of one specific product.

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RICE Scoring Template
Use the RICE scoring template to guide your strategic decisions. It is a useful tool for product managers and product owners to prioritize feature releases and projects.
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Technology Roadmap Template
Avoid costly mistakes by using an objective prioritization system. Prioritize your technology initiatives against value and cost drivers and build a more effective roadmap.

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Integrate your product management software with your favorite tools

A product management software that integrates with your favorite tools such as Jira, Trello, Asana, Clubhouse, AzureDevOps, Zapier, and more.

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