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- Product Manager
Shreyas Doshi
Shreyas Doshi is the product manager at Stripe, the mobile payments platform. Before joining Stripe, Shreyas was director of product management at Twitter.
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Shreyas Doshi - Product Manager at Stripe - airfocus Product Hero

Who is Shreyas Doshi?

Shreyas Doshi is the product manager at Stripe, the mobile payments platform. 

He graduated from the University of Mumbai with a degree in computer engineering, and since then, has worked for some of the most prestigious names in tech, digital innovation, and product management.

Before joining Stripe, Shreyas was director of product management at Twitter. He led the development of user-safety (accounts, abuse, spam, security), profiles, and direct messaging.

He also spent time at Google as a group product manager, as well as at Yahoo as a senior product manager.

While you might imagine his busy professional life has plenty to keep him busy, Shreyas has also found time to advise several startups, including Airtable and

Offering his expertise in strategy, product management, execution, and company culture. He is also a leadership coach and speaker on product management techniques, as well as an angel investor in some exciting startups. 

What is Shreyas Doshi known for?

Shreyas is best known as a coach, speaker, and expert on product management. He has developed a number of particularly nifty frameworks and mental models on products, product culture, strategy, execution, and organizational psychology. 

He’s held a variety of leadership roles and was Stripe’s first product manager. He helped take the product management function from less than five people to over 50.

Plus, he’s been instrumental to the development of some of Stripe’s key products including, marketplaces and SaaS platforms, Stripe terminal, and mobile. 

What does Shreyas Doshi tell us about preventing problems and mistakes in product management?

Shreyas puts forward the idea that, despite their best efforts, complex organizations "tend to incentivize problem creation more than problem prevention", something he calls the "preventable problem paradox".

And while reviews, round-ups, and retrospectives are great at improving future behavior, they still require problems to occur in the first place to learn from them.

Shreyas is also a firm believer in using pre-mortems, early in the project lifecycle, as a way of mapping out potential problems that may occur longer down the line. And, as an activity to come up with creative solutions to these issues. 

General FAQ

Who is Shreyas Doshi?
Shreyas Doshi is the product manager at Stripe. He has worked in product management at some of the top tech companies in the industry, including Twitter, Google, and Yahoo. He is currently responsible for Stripe’s mobile products, and has spent nearly five years at the company defining and growing its product management function. 
What is Stripe?
Stripe is a tech company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. It has developed software that allows businesses of all sizes — from the newest startups to the oldest established public companies — to accept payments and manage their business online. 
What is the the "preventable problem paradox"
The "preventable problem paradox' is the idea that, over time, complex organizations will tend to incentivize problem creation over problem prevention. Dealing with problems before they occur will not result in the kind of public recognition (and success or profit) that solving problems does, so companies focus on problem solving more than problem prevention.
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