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Eric Ries
Eric Ries is a visionary entrepreneur, the creator of the Lean Startup methodology, and a best-selling author. Currently, Eric is the CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange, and an advisor for several startups, venture capital firms, and large companies.
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Eric Ries - CEO, Long-Term Stock Exchange - airfocus Product Hero

Who is Eric Ries?

Eric Ries is a visionary entrepreneur, the creator of the lean startup methodology, and a best-selling author. Currently, Eric is the CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), and an advisor for several startups, venture capital firms, and large companies. 

After graduating from Yale with a BS in computer science, Eric landed a position as a software engineer at There, a creative consultancy and branding company. However, it wasn't long before he realized he wanted to get involved in every stage of product development. 

Eric had a natural curiosity about the business world and an innate desire to tweak management processes to improve success rates.

Wanting to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship, he left There and got involved in a series of startups and ventures. While most of them failed, the experience he gained in the process was invaluable.

These experiences led him to develop the lean startup methodology, which he initially documented on his blog and then in the New York Times bestseller The Lean Startup. Popularized by the book, the new business strategy had a significant impact on the business community. It is now used by individuals and companies worldwide.

In 2019, Eric set out to revolutionize one of the most important markets in the world: the US stock market. He created The Long-Term Stock Exchange, an innovative new market that aims to disrupt and transform the traditional stock model with a focus on long-term thinking (vs short-term profits). 

Because of his many accomplishments and innovations, he is considered one of the most influential thinkers in the modern business world. In 2012, in recognition of his spectacular achievements, he earned a coveted spot as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School.

What is Eric Ries known for?

Eric Ries is, without a doubt, a key figure on the startup scene and an inspiration for product managers. His contributions to entrepreneurship and management have forever revolutionized the way individuals approach and build startups. Eric's most acclaimed contribution to this area is the lean startup methodology. 

This business strategy teaches entrepreneurs how to develop rapid prototypes and improve products based on constant customer feedback. His book on the subject, The Lean Startup, sold over a million copies and was translated into more than 30 languages. 

Encouraged by the success of his first book, Eric decided to share more of his experience and insights. In 2017, he published The Startup Way, and in 2019 he issued The Leader's Guide, both books covering management techniques that drive long-term growth.

No matter which industry he approaches, Eric is determined to help businesses thrive and revolutionize the way people think. His latest project, The Long-Term Stock Exchange, is an example of this revolutionary thinking. 

What can we learn from the lean startup movement?

The lean startup methodology helps entrepreneurs be more successful by rapidly deciding which ideas work and which ones don't. In essence, it's a business strategy that enables startups to build and launch products without wasting time or resources. 

To develop the Lean method, Eric drew inspiration from Taiichi Ohno's lean manufacturing process and Steve Blank's customer development methodology. Both of these systems were focused on reducing waste and streamlining development stages for more efficiency. 

Consequently, the lean startup methodology tries to achieve the same result for entrepreneurs working in the fast-paced software environment of the 21st century. 

The movement teaches product managers how to innovate and make better and faster business decisions. It does so by providing a scientific approach to building, managing, and coaching startups in the right direction. Through a constant loop of build-measure-learn, the system challenges initial ideas and eliminates uncertainty. It then creates an initial minimum viable product that will prove whether or not the business is sustainable or if it should pivot. 

Eric's ultimate goal when he created the lean startup movement was to help businesses get products into their consumers' hands faster.

Where can you learn more about Eric Ries?

The best way to familiarize yourself with Eric Ries is by reading his books. The Lean Startup, The Startup Way, and The Leader's Guide are essential reads for any product manager. These books contain valuable, actionable strategies that can completely transform your business thinking and improve your success rates. They also offer a glimpse inside the mind of Eric Ries and his career.

If you want to learn more about Eric's background and current projects, check out his Linkedin profile and Twitter account. You can also visit his blog, Startup Lessons Learned, where he shares know-how and updates on his latest adventures in the business world.

General FAQ

Who is Eric Ries?
Eric Ries is one of the most influential product managers, entrepreneurs, and best-selling business authors of the last 20 years. He created the lean startup methodology, plus several startups and disruptive businesses, including the Long-Term Stock Exchange.
What is the lean startup strategy?
The lean startup methodology is a business strategy that equips startups with a scientific model to test, develop and grow their ideas. Through constant feedback loops and tests, the method eliminates waste and directs product managers towards the best approaches. It has been adopted across the globe by individuals, companies, and governments.
How can businesses be more lean?
Businesses can be more lean by challenging initial assumptions through continuous loops of tests to build, measure, and learn. Based on these investigations, startups can create a minimum viable product to see whether their idea works or if they need to pivot to another direction.
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