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- VP of Product
Brandon Chu
Brandon Chu is an exemplary product manager. Under his leadership, Shopify branched out into “conversational commerce” (chatbots, etc) and developed sales channel platform.
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Brandon Chu - VP of Product - Shopify - airfocus Product Hero

Who is Brandon Chu?

Brandon Chu has not one, but two, titles: Vice president, product and general manager, platform at Shopify. Essentially he’s the guy in charge of Shopify’s product, engineering, design, and business teams, building Shopify’s app and partner platform. 

Brandon worked his way up through Shopify — starting out at Shopify as a senior product manager, channels, before being promoted to director, product & GM, platform in 2018. As he rose through the company, he also expanded his remit: taking on responsibilities in engineering, product, UX, marketing, BD, & operations. 

He was promoted to vice president in 2019. 

Before joining Shopify, Brandon was the director, product management at FreshBooks and he holds a BBA, with distinction, in finance, from the University of Toronto.

What is Brandon Chu known for?

Brandon Chu is an exemplary product manager. Under his leadership, Shopify branched out into "conversational commerce" (chatbots, etc) and developed sales channel platform partnerships with Amazon, Facebook/Messenger, Pinterest, and Buzzfeed.

He also helped build and hone Shopify’s product management culture and discipline, as the business grew from a small start-up to the eComm juggernaut that we know today.

Aside from his leading role at Shopify, Brandon is known as an accomplished writer and opinion leader in product management. 

Where can you learn more about Brandon Chu?

You can find Brandon’s personal views on all things product over on his website: The Black Box of Product Management. We particularly enjoy his thoughts on ruthless prioritization, something very close to our hearts here at airfocus!

Brandon’s also an active social media user and posts regularly on Twitter (@BrandonMChu). He’s worth a follow for PM tips and advice, and highly relevant re-shares from other industry leaders.

General FAQ

Who is Brandon Chu?
Brandon Chu is the vice president, product and general manager, platform at Shopify. He is responsible for leading the teams that design and build Shopify’s app and partner platform. He is a visionary product manager and shares his insights and experience through his Medium website, *The Black Box of Product Management*.
What is Shopify?
Shopify is a powerful eCommerce solution that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. It contains everything you need to create an online store and is designed for businesses of all sizes. Shopify helps companies develop their eCommerce websites and sell, ship, and manage their products while collecting and analyzing user data to improve marketing and sales techniques.
What is the *Black Box of Product Management*?
Brandon Chu’s website, *The Black Box of Product Management*, is a repository of Brandon’s extensive experience and visionary thinking, designed to shine a light on the world of product management.
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