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- Product Manager
Amar Virk
Amar Virk is a product leader in both the B2C and B2B spaces. Since beginning his career over a decade ago, he has gained a reputation as a skilled manager in e-commerce, ads, enterprise SaaS, and marketplaces.
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Amar Virk - Product Manager, Facebook - airfocus Product Hero

Who is Amar Virk?

Amar Virk is a product leader in both the B2C and B2B spaces. Since beginning his career over a decade ago, he has gained a reputation as a skilled manager in eCommerce, ads, enterprise SaaS, and marketplaces.

Amar graduated from The University of Auckland (New Zealand) in 2007 with a bachelor of engineering in electrical engineering. Then in 2013, he earned an MBA from Cornell University. This dual-background in engineering and business helped Amar become the top product manager he is today.

He started his career working on private equity deals with Parthenon-EY, a global strategy consulting organization. He then became involved in scaling up startups including Symphony Commerce, a leading provider of commerce as a service. After Symphony, he worked at Uber, where he was responsible for the exponential growth of UberEats. Since 2018, he has worked at Facebook as the head of lead generation focused ad products.

What is Amar Virk known for?

Amar Virk is well known for his ability to scale businesses. Much of his knowledge and experience came from being thrown into "the deep end of the pool" on high-profile projects. He had to learn how to make smart decisions on the fly. Working at startups equipped him with the confidence to take risks and grow companies fast. 

What sets Amar Virk apart from other product managers is his product approach. In his view, engineering is just one of the many aspects that drive product success. Amir understands the complexities of business development and, while he’s a strong advocate of R&D, he places equal value on marketing and sales.

In his role at Facebook, Amar helps hone the platform’s advertising offer to brands. Specifically, he helps business clients to maximize ROI on their lead generation campaigns. Check out Facebook’s website for more details.

What are the big 4 metrics you should focus on according to Amar Virk?

To build successful products, Amar Virk relies on a framework that helps him manage the development process. The framework includes four metrics: growth, engagement/transaction, retention, and monetization. 

The first metric, "growth", refers to the strategies a company should employ to grow its user base. Depending on the app type, these can be anything from SEO techniques to paid marketing, sales, or virality.

The "engagement" or "transaction" metric measures the number of customer interactions and/or conversions. "Retention" keeps track of how many users come back to a product. "Monetization" establishes the process through which an app generates revenue. 

Where can you learn more about Amar Virk?

Amar Virk has previously co-written for the Medium publication Product Breakdown. Despite not having posted for several years, his articles are still treasure troves of insider knowledge and insights about product and UX. 

You can also follow Amar on Twitter, where he’s been known to post about personal and professional issues. Again, he hasn’t shared anything all that recently (his last tweet was in 2019). We wonder what he’s up to!

General FAQ

Who is Amar Virk?
Amar Virk is a product manager and leader who specializes in scaling startups. With a wide ranging background in engineering and business, he approaches products from a holistic perspective.
What is Facebook and how does Amar Virk’s role help the business?
Facebook is a worldwide social media success story. The platform has 2.7 billion users. Facebook’s business model relies heavily on advertising revenue, and in Amar’s role as PM, he is in charge of lead generation focused ad products, for brands like Audi and Volkswagen.
What’s the difference between engagement and transactional apps?
Facebook is an engagement app — mainly focused on getting users to perform specific actions: "share", "post", "like", etc. Transactional apps are directed at convincing users to complete transactions (e.g. Amazon, Uber). Increasingly though, as Facebook becomes a bigger sales platform, it moves closer to being transactional in its purpose.
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