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Prioritize your high level initiatives and features with a smart prioritization system so you can create a powerful product development roadmap.

What is a product development roadmap and prioritization template?

A product development roadmap is a strategic plan that visualizes the future direction of a product. It displays initiatives and features as well as the upcoming milestones that are important for product success. It keeps executives, other departments, and, in some cases, external stakeholders informed about the progress of a product. Marketing and sales departments use it to align their activities with upcoming releases.

Use filters to create several versions of this roadmap to give everyone the information needed and avoid overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

In order to avoid costly mistakes, it is important to use an objective prioritization system to define which initiatives make it to your roadmap. Consider Revenue, Customer value and maybe strategic fit as well as developments when prioritizing your ideas and product backlog.



Product people, development teams, executives, marketing & sales departments, external stakeholders

Value (Y) criteria

Revenue increase, customer value

Cost (X) criteria

Development costs

Bubble (R) criteria

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