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Prioritize your marketing ideas and plans so you can build a roadmap that works. This template is perfect for marketers wanting to understand which marketing efforts and strategies are most worthy of pursuing.

What is a LICE scoring model and a LICE scoring template?

The LICE scoring model is a prioritization framework commonly used by marketers to identify the accessibility of their marketing ideas. This framework is structured into four criteria that form the acronym β€œLICE”: Lead quality, Impact, Cost, and Effort. The LICE prioritization framework helps avoid bias towards particular marketing ideas.

A LICE scoring template enables you to prioritize all your marketing ideas based on those four factors that are used to generate a score in which the lower the score, the accessibility of the marketing idea increases.

Lead quality - Not all sources are created equally. Depending on where your lead source comes from, there can be higher or lower quality leads.

Impact - Impact most often match up to the lead quality, but this depends on what the purpose of your marketing is. For example, if brand awareness is more important than lead generation, then, in this case, the marketing idea could have a lower lead quality score but has a higher impact.

Cost - The cost of your marketing idea.

Effort - Effort assess how much work will the idea takes. For example, how many team members are needed and how much time do you need to complete the idea?

To use the LICE scoring template, simply add your marketing ideas to the items view. The four key criteria are already defined. Every company is in a different stage and what factors have an impact on you will vary. In airfocus, you can set multipliers on all four variables to adjust the importance. Once you’ve set the lead quality, effort, cost, and impact, airfocus will calculate the score that helps guide what marketing ideas you should try next! The lower the score, the more in line the idea is with the current stage of your company.


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Marketing managers, digital marketing managers, online marketing managers

Value (Y) criteria

Lead quailty, impact

Cost (X) criteria

Cost, effort
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