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Align development with product strategy. Connect your product management workflows, prioritization frameworks and roadmaps with day-to-day development by syncing your data seamlessly between airfocus and Jira.

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Compatible with Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Jira Data Center

We've made things easier for you. Whether you're running Jira locally or using Jira Cloud, the setup is the same.

Import Jira issues into airfocus

Import Jira issues as items into airfocus and keep the two tools synced. Preserve existing dev processes on Jira while your product managers use airfocus to prioritize and roadmap.

Push airfocus items into Jira

Push airfocus items and their priority scores into Jira as epics, stories, or any other issue type. The dev team can easily refer to the original feature to understand the context around business values and priorities.

Two-way sync

Choose between one-way or two-way sync for your Jira integration. Keep fields synced and up-to-date between both systems including dates, titles, descriptions, lanes, and labels. Our Jira integration also allows you to map and sync your Jira start and due dates to airfocus dates.

Flexible filtering

Use filtering to define which of your Jira issues and projects you want to import and sync with airfocus. You can filter by project and custom JQL query. Use mapping to define how information in Jira should be mapped to information in airfocus. You can also map multiple Jira statuses to one airfocus lane.

Custom JQL

Customize your integration configuration with Jira Query Language (JQL). Use Jira's advanced database search to import & sync selective issue types.

Display airfocus score in Jira

Add context around business value & priorities by displaying the airfocus priority score on items pushed to Jira. Additional custom field syncing will be possible soon.

Prioritize with confidence

Turn decision-making into a transparent, collaborative process with clear prioritization that ties to your outcomes and objectives. Create and use your prioritization method of choice with easy-to-use, no nonsense data inputs.
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Listen to your customers
and solve the right problems

Centralize feedback from various channels and teams to uncover actionable insights. Cut down on the noise and organize inputs as they come in.
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"airfocus has been incredibly useful when it comes to aligning everyone around the vision and handling ideas. We are now focusing on what really matters."

Joakim Wissing,
Digital product director - Oriflame

Everything you need in a strategic product platform

With a complete suite of tools, features, and apps, we help teams manage their products effectively. Use the advanced modularity and build your own product stack.

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airfocus is designed to empower product management teams at scale. Companies trust airfocus with our:
  • Less than 10 min response time
  • Onboarding by our product strategy consultants
  • Extensive help documentation
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Companies trust airfocus with their mission-critical work thanks to our focus on security, privacy, and availability.
  • SAML single sign on (SSO)
  • Cloud security with ISO 27001 certification
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest for everyone
  • Secure EU data centers

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