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Why an Ultimate Guide to Product Managers?

What is the connection between the CEO of Slack, Stewart Butterfield, the CEO of Youtube, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of Alphabet & Google, Sundar Pichai, and the former CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayor?

The products that these companies offer are staples in the day-to-day life of users and customers all over the world.

The connection between all of them is that they were all product managers in their career before becoming CEOs. 

Similar to how product management is often misunderstood, product managers are misunderstood just the same. Though there are many resources available on this topic some of them only cover specific aspects of the role and others do not go into much depth. 

We wrote the Ultimate Guide to Product Management to shed light on what product management was, its history, the value it brings to software companies, while briefly speaking about those who carry out this function, product managers. 

This detailed and comprehensive guide will save you time and trouble of searching and combing through the many resources available on this topic.

Here are some of the many topics that will be covered in this detailed guide:

  • What is a product manager

  • What are product managers responsible for

  • Who do product managers work with

  • What are the differences between a good and bad product managers

  • What tools do product managers rely on in their day-to-day activities

  • How to get a product management job

  • How to level up your product skills

  • … and more

Let’s begin!