Who Does a Product Manager Lead? 

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We mentioned earlier in this guide that good product managers are leaders. But who exactly do they lead?

Product managers lead their entire company. Yes, you read that correctly.

Stakeholder management is one of the difficult aspects of product management. This is because product managers manage products, not people.

Being the champion of their customers they are the ones who distill their customer needs and determine what solutions to deliver, when, and with their team, how.

Development and design teams are critical to the success of a product. So are customer success, customer support, sales, and marketing.

All of these stakeholders do not report to a product manager directly, they have their own department leads that they report to. 

However they do rely on product managers to set the product vision, mission, and lead the charge for offering the right solutions for the product to serve customer and business needs. And provide the needed communication and resources so that they are enabled.

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