Finding Product Management Jobs

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Where can you find product management jobs?

There are multiple platforms to find product management roles.

Some of the most common are Linkedin, Glassdoor, and AngelList. 

These platforms are relied upon to find full-time roles in established or start-up companies. For freelance product management roles there are platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, and Hired.

How to find a product role within your own network

One of the best ways to find a product role is via your personal network. It’s standard for software companies to provide referral bonuses to their employees when they refer skilled talent to join their company.

In many cases employees will be the first to know when roles are available and hiring managers are more likely to lend an ear to their internal team members when they mention that they know skilled people in their network who can fulfill the available role.

Connecting with recruiters is another way to find a product role. Software companies heavily rely on recruiters to help them find skilled candidates.

Along with getting their assistance with modifying your cover letter and resume (if it is offered), they also provide candid feedback along each step of the interview process with the goal of helping you land the job.

Popular tech newsletters and online forums are another avenue to consider. 

For example Ken Norton, a former product manager at Google and current product management coach, includes open product jobs in his monthly newsletter Bring the Donuts.

Hacker News, the social news website managed by Y Combinator that focuses on computer science and entrepreneurship, has a monthly thread titled “Ask HN: Who is hiring?” where techies share a long list of jobs available all over the world.

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