5 Key Tips for New Product Managers

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Here are some things to keep in mind if you are a new product manager.

1. Remain customer focused

A product manager is the champion of their customers. 

As a product manager you are a captain of the ship. You are steering your company towards the actions and solutions that will serve your customers.

Always keep your customers top of mind.

Put yourself into the shoes of your customers (empathy) when making decisions and only proceed when you are able to articulate how your decisions will impact them and your company.

Lastly, remember that the solutions that you provide are for your customers and not for you. So build solutions that are easy for them to use and assist them in reaching their goals.

It’s not about what you as a product manager may want, it’s about what your customers need. 

2. Focus on strategy

Product management involves strategy and delivery.

Entry level product managers spend more of their time on delivery and senior level product managers spend most of their time and resources on strategy.

Don’t get us wrong, delivery is extremely important. Defining a product and then working with multidisciplinary teams to launch it is not easy, and this is where many product managers shine.

However, if you want to continue to grow in your career and set yourself apart from the rest then you need to hone your problem solving and strategic thinking skills.

3. Get a mentor

A mentor is someone who has experience in a particular field and makes themselves available to advise and train others to grow and reach their goals. 

When you have a mentor you have someone whom you can lean on for assistance.

You have someone who can provide practical advice based on their experience on the best course of action to take. 

A mentor will help guide you through your career and help you grow professionally.

I benefited heavily from mentorship in the early days of my career and continue to do so.

4. Continue learning

Early on in your product management career you will naturally have limited experience as a product manager. This is expected.

As time progresses you will work further with your team and gain more hands-on experience in the role.

But don’t limit yourself to hands-on experience, take advantage of the increasing amount of product management learning resources that are available to continue learning and finding new frameworks, tools, processes, and techniques to apply to your work.

airfocus provides numerous resources to help clarify product management and enable product managers to succeed in their roles. There are many eBooks, articles, and videos on various topics that you can leverage to sharpen your product management skills.

5. Lean on your team

As the saying goes ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork”. Establish strong bonds with your team members and don’t try to accomplish everything alone.

Strong reliable close-knit teams build amazing products. 

Rely on your team members when you need assistance. They will be happy to lend a hand. 

And when they need help then spare some time to assist.

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