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The ultimate guide to product management

A comprehensive look at what product management is, what it isn’t, and how to distinguish what good product management looks like. A guide by Quadri Oshibotu.

Chapter 1: Why we wrote this guide.

Chapter 2: What is product management?

Defining what a product manager is and shedding light on what product management is not.
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Chapter 3: What does effective product management look like?

Understanding the building blocks of effective product management.
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Chapter 4: What is NOT effective product management?

Understanding the roles that don't fall under product management.
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Chapter 5: The 3 main responsibilities of a product manager.

Everything that a product manager does ties into one of the following 3 responsibilities.
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Chapter 6: What product managers don’t do.

Common misconceptions about what the product manager role involves.
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Chapter 7: Why is product management important to SaaS businesses?

When product management is done right, the results are products and companies like Slack.
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Chapter 8: A brief history of product management.

The inception, evolution, and development of product management over the years.
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Chapter 9: Roles often confused with product management.

Understanding how product management is different from project management and product ownership.
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Chapter 10: Prioritization in product management.

Why product managers are the most equipped to prioritize.
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Chapter 11: Product discovery.

What is product discovery and how to perform it?
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Chapter 12: Roadmapping in product management.

Understanding what is a product roadmap, how to craft one and what are the common tools and frameworks used in product management.
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