Landing Your First Product Role in 2021

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Finding your next product role within your own company

The easiest way to find a product management role is from within your current company. If the opportunity is available.

This can be done by expressing your interest to your direct manager. In most cases companies are happy to support their team members with reaching their career goals and would rather have skilled talent in another department within the company rather than have them leave and join another company entirely.

With a supportive manager you can create a transition plan into a product role. 

This transition plan may begin by taking a product management course with your company’s learning education stipend, shadowing members of the product team to learn how they perform their roles, moving onto assisting them with minor tasks until you are able to fully transition into the team.

If transitioning into a product role from within a company is not possible then you need to have grit while taking the necessary steps to obtain a role elsewhere.

Finding a product management internship

We will talk about where to find product management roles in the next section however another avenue to consider is an internship or an Associate Product Manager program (APM).

APMs are designed for individuals who are interested in product management and want to graduate into product management roles.

Google, Linkedin, and Uber are a few of the companies that offer an APM program.

Recognizing the growing interest in product management a number of notable software companies in Toronto partnered to create the APM Toronto program.

Even prior to applying for an internship, an APM program, or getting a cover letter and resume in front of a recruiter or hiring manager, you should to have knowledge of product management and some product management experience (build something).

This includes experience related to performing customer research, prioritizing features, managing design sprints, documenting product specifications, enabling stakeholders, utilizing project and product management tools, and more.

All of which can be obtained through taking a product management course at a notable bootcamp and/or building a product.

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