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Story Mapping

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What is story mapping?

Story mapping is a widely used method of ordering user stories along different dimensions to provide a big picture of how they fit within the overall user experience.

This map arranges the essential steps of the customer journey on the horizontal axis in chronological order, guided by how the user would perform said tasks in their interaction with the product.

The vertical axis describes criticality or necessity, and different user stories are therefore arranged vertically, top to bottom, based on importance. This highlights the importance of differentiating importance in order to generate strategic release plans.

The beauty of doing this is that after you’ve completed your story map, you’ll be able to visualize all the possible ways in which your users could interact with your product.

This allows you to map the flow of their behavior as they progress from their first interaction through to their last step of their objective with your product.

Why should I use it?

This type of backlog organization has quite a few advantages when it comes to prioritization and execution of your product. Firstly, it is a visual tool that really allows stakeholders, your development team, and clients, to get a full picture of how users are interacting with the product. This creates common ground for those who often get caught up in their own details. It happens to the best of us! This big picture will help identify issues or gaps you might have previously overlooked.

Secondly, when it comes to prioritization, this framework provides teams with valuable insights as to how to release product iterations with increasing sophistication. By defining these, the team is empowered to complete and deliver end-to-end versions more quickly, allowing you to rapidly validate concepts.

Last but not least; you can apply it to any stage of your product life cycle.

Find the steps needed to implement it as well as the benefits and downsides in our eBook. You can download it for free and replicate it, right here.

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