Why We Wrote This Ultimate Guide on Customer Feedback and Insights

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“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Rick Tate

Product managers play a pivotal role in defining the solutions that assist their customers in accomplishing their goals. These solutions can be end-to-end products, or features within an existing product. 

Product managers make many assumptions and have hypotheses to test prior to launching a new product. 

Post-launch they review the success of their work by not only viewing their metrics, but by utilizing one extremely vital method to confirm success.

How can a product manager confirm that the product that their company spent many months, resources, cash, and people’s effort on is actually solving a problem for their customers? How can they justify that their released product is delighting their customers? How can they gather insights on how to improve their product for their customers and what their next steps should be?

The answer is simple: by obtaining customer feedback.

Customer feedback is the most pivotal tool that product managers can use to help them prioritize, build, and sustain their products while working towards business growth.

But what exactly is customer feedback? What are the types of customer feedback? And after obtaining customer feedback, what does a product manager do with it?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this detailed guide. 

By the end of this guide you will not only understand the importance of customer feedback to leverage business growth, but also how to use the right tool that fits your approach to make tracking customer feedback and acting upon it easier.

We know you're busy.

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