What Is Customer Feedback

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Customer feedback includes suggestions on improvements, thoughts, experience and general sentiment.

These pieces of feedback can come in various forms, from different channels, and from many stakeholders.

A stakeholder is anyone that affects or is affected by your product. They are impacted and/or can influence the fortunes of your product.

Some of the stakeholders that product feedback can come from includes:


Those who pay for your product.


Those who are engaged with your product on a regular basis and utilize it to accomplish their goals. 

Sometimes your customers and users are the same people, sometimes they are different.

Industry analysts

Individuals who analyze your product and company along with others to report on how the industry that you operate within is performing. At times they provide advice on how players in the market can remain competitive.

Customer success team

The main goal of a customer success team is to ensure that customers are accomplishing their goals. 

Customers regularly share feedback with customer success representatives on how a product can be improved.

Customer support

They act as the first line of defence for any issues within your product. Customers will share feedback with them on any issues or bugs they encountered that they would like addressed.

Sales team

While their main job is to bring in as much revenue as possible by selling products, they provide vital feedback from their conversations with prospects, existing customers, competitors, and lost deals due to missing functionality. 

Marketing team

Your marketing team can share feedback on competitor activity as well as other relevant events occurring in your industry.

… and more.

As you can see, feedback can come from various stakeholders. 

In this guide we are going to focus specifically on feedback received from customers (including users as part of this definition). 

Why the focus on customers? 

Paying, happy customers not only help companies remain profitable, but when they are treated well they help companies grow and thrive.

We will also touch upon how to address the customer feedback that is passed on through internal stakeholders as well.

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