Customer Feedback Tools

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The purpose of obtaining customer feedback is to determine what steps to take to improve your product. 

However, not all customer feedback should be actioned upon.

It is a product manager’s responsibility to determine which customer feedback to act upon and not. Likewise the order of priority of which customer problems to solve.

It is difficult to make these decisions without having your feedback centralized in one location with the information that you need (the other pieces of beneficial information that we recommended gathering earlier on in this guide).

While you might be tempted to record your customer feedback manually (in a spreadsheet for example), as the amount of feedback that you receive increases it will become harder to manage the sheer amount of feedback you will receive from various sources while managing your feedback loop.

Here are some tools that you can use to manage customer feedback:


airfocus is the first modular product management platform that helps product teams discover, learn, plan and deliver solutions in a way that fits their specific needs. 

The airfocus Insights app is the most flexible way to centralize feedback and generate insights for product discovery. With it you can easily collect and organize feedback from various sources and teams into one place, uncover insights and inform your product strategy.

Learn about how Lemonway uses airfocus to consolidate ideas, surface insights collaboratively and build the right features for their customers. 


Intercom is one of the most relied upon customer communications platform in the market. 

While they’re known for their messaging tool, they have additional solutions that help companies build great relationships along their customer journey and manage their customer experience. 


ClientSuccess is a tool that is relied upon by customer success teams. It helps them ensure that their customers achieve their desired outcomes while using their product or service. 

Among the many features this tool offers, including having a central repository for your customers and recording conversations, it enables teams to measure and share their customer pulse as well as send them NPS surveys.


Zapier is not a tool to collect feedback directly, but rather can be used to integrate your tools with one another. Link your web apps, automate your processes, and get more done with no code required.


Slack is a popular communication tool that teams use to communicate with one another and get things done. 

Though internal teams rely on Slack, it can also be used to communicate directly with customers. For example, inviting your beta testers to a specific Slack channel to obtain their direct feedback. 

Slack also has integrations with many other apps such as Intercom, Zendesk, and ClientSuccess to stay updated on customer feedback.


Zendesk is one of the most popular products for customer service. While it is primarily known and used for customer service management (for example customers reporting bugs to your customer support team) it contains other features that may come in handy to improve customer service.


Email can be used to collect customer feedback. 

How does this work? Simply email a customer the questions you have, a survey, or email them to set up an interview to discuss further. 

Google Sheets/Excel

With spreadsheets you can also send Google Forms or Microsoft forms to customers. These can be used to send surveys to gather specific information from your customers.

Feedback can also be gathered manually in a spreadsheet. The issue with collecting feedback in a spreadsheet manually is that it becomes difficult to manage and organize as the amount of feedback that you receive increases.

Don’t make life more difficult than it has to be, consider a tool like airfocus to manage your customer feedback.

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