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A CES survey is one type of survey that can be sent to customers to gather their feedback, among many.

If you are planning on sending a survey to your customers to understand their sentiments about your product here are 5 key tips to remember before sending the survey:

Understand the type of feedback that you are looking to receive and craft your questions accordingly

  1. Know the specific customers you want to receive feedback from

  2. Use open-ended questions to gather additional insights

  3. Ask “why” often to understand the reasoning behind the answers that your customers provided

  4. Keep your survey short

What’s the problem with lengthy surveys?

Surveymonkey, one of the relied upon tools for custom surveys, noticed a correlation between survey length and completion time.

“In addition to the decreased time spent answering each question as surveys grew in length, we saw survey abandon rates increase for surveys that took more than 7-8 minutes to complete; with completion rates dropping anywhere from 5% to 20%. The tolerance for lengthier surveys was greater for surveys that were work or school related and decreased when they were customer related.”

Think hard about the type of feedback you want to receive from your customers and craft your survey questions accordingly.

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