Common Mistakes To Avoid When Collecting Customer Feedback

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Here are some common mistakes to avoid when collecting customer feedback

Not collecting feedback from enough customers

If you have hundreds of customers but you're only collecting feedback from a few (for example those that contribute the most ARR to your company) this is problematic because you're not getting an accurate representation of how all of your customers feel.

Delaying asking for customer feedback

Give your customers a chance to get used to your product. A chance to use your product enough times to receive your communicated value proposition.

One may think that asking customers for feedback too soon may not provide the right information. That customers need to be given enough time to use the product to receive the communicated value proposition. 

However, this is incorrect. 

Obtain customer feedback at all stages of the user journey, there is no such thing as too soon.

Not documenting all customer feedback

Document all of the feedback that you receive from your customers.

Customers will follow up on the feedback that they provided, oftentimes requesting an update. 

How can you provide an update if you did not record their feedback? You can only remember so much at once. 

Also, what if the person who heard and remembers the feedback provided leaves your company, how then will your company take action?

Document your customer feedback.

Not keeping the feedback centralized

Customer feedback is golden information, not just for a product team, but for an entire company. 

It is beneficial to make customer feedback transparent, have it in one central location so that everyone in your company can access it. 

Let your internal stakeholders know the feedback that you received and also give them a chance to share their thoughts as well. Perhaps someone on the customer support team has some insight on a piece of feedback that would make implementation easier.

Having no feedback loop 

Have a process in place for how to act on customer feedback.

Feedback should not go into a black hole, when your customers provide product feedback they should be informed of what is next. 

The same goes for when your internal team provides feedback. 

Once customer feedback is received: who reviews it, when, what are the different statuses it can get, and what are the next steps. 

If you decide to take action upon the feedback at what stage will customers be informed? And if you decide not to take action upon it, again, when will customers be informed. 

Most customers understand that companies that build SaaS products are not custom agencies; they don’t expect that they will receive every request they ask for to build a product that fits their specific needs. 

While they do appreciate when their requests are met, they will also appreciate you keeping them in the loop on what will happen with their feedback.

What next?

Congratulations! You made it to the very end of this detailed guide.

Now that you have reached this point you should have a great understanding of why customer feedback is important for business growth, the various methods of customer feedback, how to document customer feedback, and how to close your feedback loop and action on customer feedback.

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