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Multidisciplinary teams work together to bring the right solutions to life. High quality solutions built with technology that can be placed into the hands of users at the earliest to obtain quick feedback to act upon and provide them with further value.

This ultimate guide covered some of the key frameworks that are used by companies to accomplish this.

Now that you have made it to the end of this detailed guide you should have a much more solid understanding of Agile and its principles. Terms such as Scrum, Kanban, Waterscrum, lean, and more should not sound foreign to you.

And you should be able to clearly articulate the benefits of Agile and how it differs from Waterfall.

One lasting piece of advice before you go. 

Remember that these frameworks and practices are guides and they can be modified when needed. When working with Agile teams keep its 12 agile principles in mind.

To learn more about Agile software development and dive deeper into some of the topics mentioned in this guide check out the airfocus blog. It’s complete with knowledge, tools, and advice from our team based on the framework used by experienced professionals in the industry.

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