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Glossary: Agile Development

Hand-picked agile development terms, definitions, and frequently asked questions. Each agile development term is defined and explained simply by our research team.

Agile Development
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Definition of Done

In reference to the Scrum agile framework, the definition of done (DoD) describes predefined demands a certain output must meet when being delivered. It is used to establish a common understanding on the product’s level of integrity to ensure quality.

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Definition of Ready

In the Scrum agile framework, the definition of ready (DoR) marks the completeness of preliminary actions for a task or project to be processed.

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Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

Dynamic Systems Development Method an agile iterative approach to software development that considers not just the lifecycle of a project, but also the wider business impact it will have.

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Scrum Master

Being a Scrum Master is a professional occupation and originates from a designated role in the Scrum framework. A Scrum Master is responsible for delegating and supervising agile software development activities based on the ideas and methods of Scrum.

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Scrum Meeting

The Scrum meeting is executed daily, usually performed as a stand-up meeting. Participants include all Scrum team members, such as product owner, Scrum Master and development team.

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Velocity is a measure of the speed at which an agile team completes work items. By analyzing Velocity, teams can estimate how much work they can complete in future iterations.

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