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airfocus for Clubhouse: Align development with product strategy.

Connect your prioritizations and roadmaps with day-to-day workflows by syncing your data seamlessly between airfocus and Clubhouse.
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Prioritize your roadmap and backlog with confidence

Prioritize and objectively make highly-informed product decisions with the best prioritization frameworks available on airfocus while your software development team maintains their existing workflows on Clubhouse.
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See the big picture and set the right priorities

Focus on the right things to build by visualizing the importance of your Clubhouse backlog, epics and stories on a matrix to help you make high impact prioritization and tradeoff decisions. The visualization enables you to allocate the time, effort and resources required to complete tasks.

Create powerful roadmaps in minutes

Roadmaps are more advanced in airfocus. Easily create a clear product strategy and build lean roadmaps that make sense for everyone.

Collaborate on strategy and build better products faster

airfocus is built to power remote team collaboration. Priority Poker is the easiest way to involve all relevant stakeholders into the prioritization process, ensuring that you win the buy-in with tech leads and other stakeholders.

Make airfocus your home for all things prioritization and roadmapping.

Import Clubhouse epics and stories into airfocus
Import Clubhouse epics and stories as items into airfocus and keep the two tools synced. Preserve existing software development processes on Clubhouse while your product managers use airfocus to prioritize and roadmap.
Push airfocus items into Clubhouse
Push airfocus items into Clubhouse either as Clubhouse epics or as Clubhouse stories (tasks, bugs, chores).
Two-way sync
Choose between one-way or two-way sync for your Clubhouse integration. Keep fields synced and up-to-date between both systems including titles, descriptions, lanes, and labels.
Flexible filtering
Use filtering to define if you want to import and sync your Clubhouse epics or a specific Clubhouse workflow (projects with its stories) with airfocus. Within a Clubhouse workflow, you can filter by project and label.
Flexible mapping
Use mapping to define how information in Clubhouse should be mapped to information in airfocus. You can also map multiple Clubhouse states to one airfocus lane.
Integrate multiple Clubhouse workflows
To integrate multiple Clubhouse workflows or both Clubhouse epics and workflows with the same airfocus workspace, simply set up an additional Clubhouse integration.

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