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Product Management Made Easy With airfocus Toolbox - Malte Scholz Interview on WebsitePlanet

Product Management Made Easy With airfocus Toolbox - Malte Scholz Interview on WebsitePlanet
By Andrei Tiburca
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airfocus is an easy to use prioritization and roadmapping software solution that helps teams visualize priorities, build lean roadmaps, collaborate on strategy, and align the vision with the entire organization. In this interview, Co-Founder & CEO Malte Scholz describes the hardships of product management, and how they can be overcome with airfocus.

Please describe the company’s story: What is your mission?

My background is in product management. I am the CEO and CPO of airfocus. I started this company four years ago with my two co-founders, Christian Hoffmeister, our CTO, and Valentin Firak, our CMO.

The idea for airfocus came to me after dealing with a lot of frustration and pain in my role as a product manager . I was involved in product planning and strategy, prioritizing what features to build and creating roadmaps. Building a product strategy is a very complicated task, by nature, because you’re always in the middle: The marketing department wants something, the salespeople have requirements, the CEO pushes you, and you’re always fighting multiple battles. Read more here...

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