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CEO of airfocus
Updated on
December 23 2020
1 min read

News from airfocus! Move and Copy Items, Azure Devops Integration and More

Hi there,

Not only did we update our logo (did you notice?), we also shipped quite a few highly requested features and improvements that will help you build more outstanding products!

What we've built

Move an copy items

Moving or copying an item is now just a couple of clicks away.

You can now easily move or duplicate an item to another workspace. Simply click 'Move item' within the options menu.

Pro tip: Use the copy function to create item templates (like user stories).

Azure DevOps integration

We listened to your requests! We now two-way-integrate with Azure DevOps. Learn more.

Jira Server integration (on-premise)

If you run Jira on your own servers or on the Jira Data Center infrastructure, you can now also make use of our most advanced integration. You can find the app in the Atlassian Marketplace or set up the integrations through your workspace's integration page.

Jira mapping improvements

  1. Map Jira's start and due dates to airfocus dates to automate your timeline roadmaps.

  2. Map multiple Jira statuses to a single airfocus lane to simplify complex Jira workflows and roadmaps.

Improved items view

We have launched a new and improved Item view.

  • Use swimlane options to divide your items by group, assignee or lane

  • Define which columns you want to see

  • Inline editing and keyboard tabbing for faster navigation

The item details view also received a makeover: you can now also update your prioritization scores for each item on all views.

CEO of airfocus
Updated on
December 23 2020

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