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Malte CEO of airfocus
Updated on
February 25 2020
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News From airfocus! Master Workspaces, RICE Prioritization, Custom Formulas, and More

What we've built

Master workspaces

If you use multiple workspaces to manage a variety of products, teams, and portfolios, chances are good that you want to consolidate your plans into a single comprehensive timeline roadmap. 

You can now roll up several workspaces to one single master workspace to get a bird’s eye view 🐤 of your entire organization. Learn more.

Custom prioritization formulas

As an airfocus power-user, you may want to customize the prioritization formulas for your factors as well as your focus score. There is a new scoring mode now in your prioritization settings that will give you unlimited flexibility for your priority scorings. Learn more.

New RICE template

Along with the above-mentioned custom formulas, we launched a new template for product prioritization. RICE is a powerful method developed and used by the team at Intercom to prioritize ideas and features. The acronym consists of 4 criteria (reach, impact, confidence, effort) and uses a custom prioritization formula. airfocus is now the only solution that also visualizes your RICE priorities on a 2x2 value vs. cost chart.

Malte CEO of airfocus
Updated on
February 25 2020
Powerful prioritization &
clear roadmaps
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