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Track and sync Trello Votes with airfocus
Malte CEO of airfocus
Updated on
November 01 2019
2 mins read

News From airfocus: Integration Improvements, Sync Trello Votes, Bulk Actions and Much More

At airfocus, we've been adding a bunch of new stuff to help you get even more focused. We'll just jump right in.

"Two-way-sync" and "Push to integration" for Trello, Jira, and Asana

Connect your high-level prioritization & roadmapping with day-to-day planning by syncing your data seamlessly between airfocus and Trello, Jira and/or Asana. To enable two-way-sync simply click "Edit" for a given integration on the integration view. With two-way-sync, changes that you make in one system will be reflected in the other.

If you want to push an item from airfocus to any of your integrations, just click "Push to integration" on your item detail page.

Track and sync Trello Votes with airfocus

Trello is a great tool to collect feedback from customers, teammates, and other stakeholders. You can now let them vote for your strategic items (using the free Trello Voting Power-Up in combination with the airfocus Power-Up) and connect those votes with airfocus. Stop letting feedback slip through the cracks, and put decision-making on autopilot.

Watch this 90-second video to learn more about syncing Trello votes with airfocus.

We've set this up ourselves: You can not only find the airfocus roadmap here (on airfocus),but also on Trello. Please vote for features and improvements you want us to prioritize.

Trello mapping

Use mapping to define how Trello lists and labels should be mapped to airfocus lanes and labels. If you change a card or item in one system, the other system will be adjusted accordingly. You can now also attach a label to every Trello card synchronized with airfocus.

Bulk editing on the item view

Why change items one-by-one when you can change them all at once? You can now edit multiple items at once, directly from the item view.

Coming up in airfocus

Advanced Jira mapping: Similar to Trello mapping (see above), you will be able to define on a much more granular level how to map Jira fields to airfocus fields.

Collaborative scoring: Invite others to a rating game to benefit from team wisdom. We're still undecided about how to call this feature (prioritization poker?), so please call in with ideas or opinions. Learn more in our full roadmap on airfocus and Trello.

Malte CEO of airfocus
Updated on
November 01 2019
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