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Valentin CMO of airfocus
Updated on
December 20 2019
1 min read

We're Moving to .com

We are happy to announce that we've leveled-up our domain name from to This change represents a big milestone for the airfocus team, symbolizing our company growth and vastly improved product.

2019 is the year when we doubled our team size. The year when we got €1.7M in funding to fuel our rapid growth. And also the year when we more than tripled our paying customers and added new innovative features like Priority Poker.

But this is just the beginning.

The move to .com is a cornerstone that marks the beginning of a new airfocus. We plan on using our drive, energy, and growth to create better roadmapping and strategy platform. We want to empower teams to create better products and focus on what really matters by making better decisions.

In early 2020 you can expect a fresh new UI design that will make prioritizing even easier to use and make your roadmaps look sleek.

Also, in early 2020, you can expect a ton of impactful features like a shareable public portal for gathering ideas, advanced user rights and permissions, tons of new and improved integrations, and a lot more. You can check our roadmap here.

We are humbled that you chose to be with us on this journey.

The airfocus team wishes you Happy Holidays and an awesome New Year.


Valentin CMO of airfocus
Updated on
December 20 2019
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