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Meet the airfolks

From dog (and cat) lovers, food connoisseurs to meme creators, our greatest strength lies in our unique personalities. Altogether, we unite by helping others make better decisions and build products that matter.

Malte Scholz

Malte brings his high energy and enthusiasm where ever he goes. He's a father of two and in his spare time, he likes to shoot some hoops at the basketball court with his pals.

Christian Hoffmeister

Christian (Hoff) pretty much lives off energy drinks and his main hobby is coding. He's definitely a dog person and he has a bearded collie at home.

Valentin Firak

Valentin loves going after opportunities, whether this means saving the planet or getting priorities straight for the company – he's in it to win it.

Julian Tiemann

Fullstack Engineer
When he's not in front of his screen coding, Julian loves to spend time with his cat, Luki, and decorating his new home in the woods. His favorite dinosaur is the Velociraptor.

Simon Rosenau

Fullstack Engineer
Simon loves coding because he can create great things. During his spare time, Simon loves to play the piano and drums. He also likes windsurfing and wakeboarding.

Yurii Maltsev

Backend Engineer
Yuri is a curious and broad-minded allrounder - he's an amateur bass player, photo taker, bread baker, roller skater, sim racer, bike rider, nature hiker, and science lover.

Masha Bazaeva

Frontend Engineer
Masha loves being in the middle of nature, she thinks it's the best form of meditation and it's where she draws inspiration from.

Pablo Cingolani

Frontend Engineer
An adventurer, Pablo finds traveling a great way to discover new places, cultures & food. He also loves cycling through the countryside or mountains and be in nature whenever he can.

Daniil Demidovich

Frontend Engineer
Daniil loves to get lost in fantasy books, computer games and bindge watching. Having moved to Valencia recently he's currently also working on refreshing his spanish language skills.

Jannis Meyer

Frontend Engineer
As a father of three boys Jannes is into all the activities that can be combined with his sweethearts: soccer, cycling, nature & travel - looking forward to teach them coding one day.

Roman Kern

Jr. Frontend Engineer
Roman is a real highflyer: he’s an autodidactic coding, sports-addicted pilot who loves to share the world’s best self-cooked risotto while having profound conversations.

Benjamin Ranft

Sr. Product Manager
Benjamin is what you'd call a sociable nerd. Loves investing his time into anything techy, but also loves the great outdoors and having a BBQ with friends.

Aaquib Ashfaq

Product Associate
Aaquib is an engineer turned management grad who loves exploring his creativity with no limits. Apart from BBQing in deserts, his life expressed in emojis is 🏊🏻‍♂️ 🎧 🥘 📚 .

Luana Cuzzo

Jr. Product Designer
Luana likes to think of ways to create a more ethical life through design. When she's not designing, you can find her in nature either reading a book or doing sports.

Akshansh Deva

Lead Product Designer
Akshansh is a designer who is interested in electronics engineering, stage design, and psychology. He loves football, investing, hiking, despises animal cruelty and is a dog dad.

Catherine Courrege

Team Lead Customer Success
Cathy loves reading, watering & complimenting her plants, spending time with loved ones, writing poems, real estate, discovering new places and helping others!

Peer Link

Customer Success Manager
Peer loves spending time playing his guitar and listening to crime podcasts. He loves vinyls, pancakes, capybaras, Ricky Gervais and Conan O'Brien.

Julia Baumgartner

Customer Success Manager
When Julia is not outdoors enjoying the sun, you will find her daydreaming about trips, eating Italian food or dancing like nobody is watching.

María Alejandra Estupiñan Mora

Customer Success Manager
María is a mother of two and she loves traveling with her family. She can't wait to travel to new places and try out all the cuisine each country has to offer.

Victor Forest

Product Consultant
Victor is attracted by cultural differences and loves connecting with new people. Passionate about food and cats, he also plays badminton and love skydiving.

Edoardo Puiatti

Product Consultant
Grown up multi-multi-culturally, Edoardo is a topscoring Rocket League player who loves flying VR planes in Oculus Rift. His real life is about living the tech 100% - Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.

Elise Duchateau

Head of Marketing
Elise is a coffee addict, she likes to travel, have a drink with friends, go to the theatre and read a lot of books! She's also trying to do improv and to write a book.

Andrea Saez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Andrea is the doggie parent to our pawduct intern Kiwi. She likes cycling, cooking and going for epic long walks on the country side.

Jackie Chick

Product Marketing Manager
Jackie spends most of her time thinking about what she should eat next, and of course, coming up with ways to promote airfocus. Jackie also loves dogs.

Uyen Le

Field Marketing Intern
Uyen is a tea lover, sustainability freak wannabe (that ironically loves Asian food too much to fully quit meat), a passionate but horrible singer, a spontaneous wanderer and a camera hater.

Nedim Mehic

Technical SEO Specialist
Nedim tends to be passionate and adventurous, often opting to seek new ways of thinking, rather than following a typical plan. He's driven by endless curiosity... and spicy food.

Tomas Prochazka

Lead Content Strategist
Tomas likes to balance his life: during his free time he usually stays outdoor hiking, running, or traveling. Besides Vietnamese & Thai food one thing is vital for Tomas: good (morning) coffee.

Amando Aust

Jr. HR & Project Manager
Amando is a former soccer professional who loves traveling and spontaneity. He dreams of living in a small deserted island preferably with cats and maybe, a guard dog.

Cristian Boeck

Chief of Staff
Having lived in many countries, Cristian is a true nomad. Today, he is training for the Transgrancanaria, and his dream is to travel around the world with his own refurbished bike.

Richa Vohra

Sr. HR Manager
Richa is an adventurous soul who loves traveling, trying out new foods, skydiving, and so much more. When she hears a good tune, she likes to break into a dance!

Sophia Dimarch

Office Manager
The #biggestfoodloverever, Sophia doesn't need anything else other than the sun, coffee, good music and of course, good food. There’s nothing you can’t fix with good food.


Pawduct Marketing Manager
Kiwi's typical day at airfocus: joins impawtent meetings everyday, naps when everyone else is working, and begs for schnacky schnacks all the time.
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